ATM Banking

We Enable ATM Banking to our BFI’s. We are Authorized Partner for SCT Network Integration. Being Authorized Partner for SCT we can enable SCT Network for our BFI’s which will enable Bank / Cooperative to use SCT ATM cards and withdraw cash from SCT Network ATM Machine.

Nowadays, ATM machines play a vital role in your society. A few years ago, you could only access your money in your account if you visited a bank. Back then, banks were scarce, and you had to go out of your way to get the cash you needed. This was especially inconvenient for full-time workers. That said, here are the benefits of ATM machines in our society:

  • ATM provides 24 hours service: ATMs provide service round the clock. The customer can withdraw cash up to a certain a limit during any time of the day or night.
  • ATM gives convenience to bank customers: ATMs provide convenience to the customers. Nowadays, ATMs are located at convenient places, such as at the airports and railway stations, and not necessarily at the bank’s premises. It is to be noted that ATMs are installed off-site (away from bank premises) as well as on site (installed within bank’s premises). ATMs provide mobility in banking services for withdrawal.
  • ATM reduces the workload of bank staff: ATMs reduce the work pressure on bank staff and avoids queues in bank premises.
  • ATM provides service without any error: ATMs provide service without error. The customer can obtain exact amount. There is no human error as far as ATMs are concerned.
  • ATM is very beneficial to travellers: ATMs are of great help to travellers. They need not carry large amount of cash with them. They can withdraw cash from any city or state, across the country and even from outside the country with the help of ATM.