Premium CBS

Premium®CBS is solution for the financial and Banking Institutions compiling the banking requirement like Customer/Members profile management, Deposit & Savings management , Loans & Credit management, Shares and Dividend management, Teller & Cash Repository Managements , Core Accounts & Reports, Division and NRB Reports, Ratio Analysis Reports, Multiple Branch Banking, SMS/Text Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking etc.

Corporate Banking Module

  • Any Branch Banking Module
  • Inter Branch Transaction and reporting
  • Both centralized and decentralized reporting
  • Share/Member Accounts with Share kitta numbers and Certificate
  • Auto PL Appropriation and Auto PL Distribution to different funds
  • Inter Branch Transaction Interest Payables and receivables Calculations
  • Auto Share Dividend and Protected capital fund Distributions and Postings
  • Financial Trial Balance, PL Accounts, Balance Sheets and Cash flow Statements
  • Ratio analysis reports like Pearls, Spread Rates, Cost of funds, portfolio, CD ratio, Repayment Rates, Operational Self-sufficiency rates etc.
Savings and Term Deposits Module

  • Saving Auto Interest Postings
  • Parameterized Products of Savings
  • Savings Overdraft Modules
  • Automated Recurring fee deductions and benefits
  • Check Issues, Blocks, Printings and Usage Reports
  • Balance based, period based Dynamic Interest Calculations
  • Customizable slips of receipt/payment, statements and FD certificates
  • Alerts of Term accounts Maturity
Loans and Credits Module

  • Parameterized Products of Loans
  • Loans Overdraft Module
  • Loan’s Auto Payments from savings
  • Loan Reimbursement and Reschedule
  • Loan Renewals and Reschedules
  • Loan Guarantee on Share and Savings
  • Centralized Loan application and approvals
  • Loan Collaterals and Mortgage Evaluations
  • Dynamic Loan ageing and provision Reports
  • Automatic Loan Installments and Maturity Alerts
Account & Finance Module

  • Transaction Verifications
  • Voucher Entries and Templates
  • Personal and Corporate Taxation
  • Teller, Cashier and Vault Reports
  • Transactions Document management
  • Depreciation Calculation and Postings
  • Employee Performance monitoring and Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation and Interest Incomes Estimation
  • Financial Reports in both English and Nepali Language
  • Dynamic Preparation of Chart of accounts for uniform parameterization and reporting
Customer/Member Management Module

  • Customers/Members and Corporate Profiles
  • Customers/Members Digital Documents Management
  • Customer Area/Group/Unit Management
  • Compiled Customer/Member Transaction Reports
  • Customer/Member’s Birthday Alerts
  • Customer/Member’s Insurance Alerts
System Administration and Securities

  • Day Close
  • Auto Backups
  • Users Menu Management
  • Users Branch Logins policies
  • Users Roles and policy managements
  • Users Defined Teller, Cashier and Vault Managements