Tab Bank

We believe in doing things digitally. We make Banking easier by our tablet Banking. Market Representative can collect amount via tablet and directly upload to the server.

Tablet Banking system is a set of software product by which financial institutions can provide banking facility to its customers from remote locations using tablet and other associated accessories even if there is no internet connection. This module helps staff of BFI’s to do the regular transactions like collection, withdraw, loan repayment, provide statement and file a loan demand etc. with the help of tablets or other thin client devices. This system can operate without or on very low bandwidth connection which empowers our staff or agent to do deposit and loan repayments even in rural areas. Some Benefits of Tablet Banking:

  • Increases trust for the bank among clients.
  • Reduces the cost of handling transactions by reducing the need for customers to visit a bank branch for regular transactions.
  • Helps to minimize fraud.
  • Can minimize fake members and fake loan disbursement.
  • More business from existing client/new clients.
  • Minimizes errors in posting/transaction.
  • No waste of time/budget
  • Immediate delivery
  • High response ratio.
  • Professional impact on client